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  1. Yep! That was the issue. I was thinking that the fuel pump would not even run if the relay was bad. New $11 relay and fuel pump back to normal. Thanks for the diagnosis Ronnie!
  2. Bi-monthly post here. Slowly getting this Reatta sorted. I am having issues with the fuel pump when I first try and start the car. When I turn the key, I don't hear the fuel pump run. However, if I crank it 5-6 times, I then can hear the fuel pump kick in and the car immediately starts. For the rest of the day, it runs and starts just like it should. I have not had a chance to rent a fuel pressure gauge and will do so the first of the week. Just curious if anyone had the same issue. Thanks!
  3. The motors are Dorman brand off Amazon. The driver's side has been fine. I don't think the switch is sticking as I had a motor out of the regulator frame and tested it's function prior to installing regulator. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I checked the switch and all is fine. I hooked it up to another motor and it works without any issues. I pulled the old one out and it is definitely dead. I installed my fourth brand new motor. I tried realigning the tracks but I do not hear or see any type of hindrance other than the physical weight of the window. Spring seems to hold plenty of tension and motor is securely nutted to the spring plate. My plan is to not open my window. 🙂
  5. There is some rust but I think a smoked sunroof glass would look good. Plus don't have to worry about it rusting.
  6. Has anyone installed a glass panel in their sunroof replacing the original metal part?
  7. Well it looks like I am going to replace my passenger side window motor for the third time since I purchased the car in August with the original motor. This last time I spent quite a bit of time greasing the side tracks and aligning the rails so that the window traveled up and down smoothly. If there are no breakers tripped, what else should I look for that might cause the motor to stop working? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  8. My 89 does the same think. When I hit bumps at above 50mph it shimmies from side to side. Seems to be coming from the rear in my case.
  9. I removed the IAC that I had purchased. I noticed that the bolt tabs seem to bend towards the mounting holes and the IAC solenoid was extremely extended. I ordered a new IAC valve ($10 off Amazon) and installed. High RPM fixed. The only thing that I can think of is that somehow the first IAC that I purchased had bent tabs causing the IAC solenoid rod to come up shot in the intake hole allowing additional air. With the new one my it runs great and my mileage is back. Here is a screen shot from today's trip going from Knoxville back to Savannah. One thing to note is that my odometer/speedometer is off by 1.04 due to 17" wheels. This means that my actual mpg is a little higher than what is shown, but not by much. Thanks to everyone on your help and input into solving this issue.
  10. No. Thanksgiving and work got me sidetracked. It is still running very high. I hope to look at it again this afternoon. I will update as soon as I figure out what the heck is happening. Thanks for checking!
  11. Awesome! I have not really attacked the issue since it is cooler now and I don't have any real need to open it. Look forward to your findings!
  12. Testing on hold. I had to replace the passenger window motor for the third time. Hopefully I got the track and arm in a better position. I greased the heck out of the tracks and guides initially, so I would think it has to be the alignment causing the burnout. If this goes bad then I am going to pull the entire system out for inspection. In any case, going out of town and will have to wait till I get back for running further tests.
  13. Ronnie thanks for the test info! I very much appreciate the effort. So I installed my original ECM (which has a remanufactured labe)l and went for a test drive of about 15 miles. I had purchased another ECM to verify that my IPC issue was not related to the ECM - and it wasn't. Same exact response. I literally rode home without touching the gas pedal and used brake only to get around the curves. However, when I came to a stop in the driveway, it did drop to 725 rpm much quicker than it did yesterday. Ronnie I see the exact same numbers that you see and have the same responses to override controls. Tomorrow I am going to run through the sensor test as suggested by 2Seater. This seems to be movement related to the transmission. I might even try jacking up the front wheels off the ground and see if I can duplicate the condition in the garage. (Note: I will be backing the car in so that it is facing out the door and not towards my BMW K1200R Sport!!)
  14. The highest value was somewhere around 98. I should say that once it warmed up that the value did not drop lower than 51 as I did see lower values during the initial period before it warmed up. I think I will order a remanufactured ecm this time instead of a grabbing one out of a salvage yard.
  15. I finally remembered that this particular ECM came out of a 1990 Buick Riviera and not from a member. I bought a BCM from another member.
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