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  1. Got the '91 Reatta's and '00 Eldorado's oil & filter changed along with their annual safety inspections yesterday (4/1) while the sun was out somewhat. Right now they both wait for the rain to let up hopefully by sometime Friday afternoon. Weather here has been cold and raw. Just want to get them out for some exercise around and about and down the highway with no stops anywhere in particular and no human contact by/toward me. Keep safe folks.
  2. Ronnie...thanks for bringing the manual over to the forum. I've always been leery of using mine, but now I can repair it if it fails while trying it out.
  3. Rock Auto 5% discount good thru May 24, 2020: 133751584124171508
  4. Create a RockAuto account. Then go to the drop down box entitled "Profile". Within "Profile" there will be an box entitled "Account Settings" where you can change a password, or email address, plus click on the "Yes" button to receive RockAuto News Letter and Discount Emails. Then hit "Save".
  5. All gassed up and nowhere to go. Still sitting in my garage.
  6. Its always been my understanding that the Buick 3800 V6 engine was designed from the factory to run normally at 210-230 degrees with an OEM 195 degree thermostat. I spoke with Denny Manner at a Buick Heritage Alliance dinner in 2016 regarding the operating temp of this engine. That was his answer. He was one of the engineers of the 3800 V6 that are in our Reattas.
  7. I believe that Jim has now dropped the price to $25 each (3/20/2020). I assume shipping cost remained the same.
  8. Wow Dave, you're right on the boarder. Had an uncle (my dad's older brother) who once lived about a hundred eighty miles north of you in Aransas Pass, TX. He actually kept a coupe of/a few cows on his spread. Sold the place in the early 90's and bought a farm in MO....moved the cows with him. He and my dad grew up on the Shagley/Shipman farm in NE Kansas during the 20's and 30's.
  9. Welcome to the Reatta forum. If interested in the visor clips, please email Jim at reattas60@gmail.com
  10. This morning I changed out the air filter. Since I can no longer get under a car due to vertigo (and very fast approaching 71), I have to have a shop change the oil and filter. Come April I will have that done along with the MA state annual safety inspection. Get this : Because I plan to have my Reatta 400 point judged this July at the BCA National, I put a new AC Delco oil filter on the passenger seat so I wont forget to give it to the shop to install. I don't want to take any chances that a non-factory oil filter will result in any points deduction! WHAT....I'm not anal! I expect no laughing, folks!!
  11. Nick, Welcome to the forum....great bunch of folks here so don't hesitate to ask questions and/or share your new-to-you Reatta experiences.
  12. Also, our Director of the Buick Club of America Reatta Division , Marck Barker, is a parts and service vendor located at http://www.eastcoastreattaparts.com/
  13. Unfortunately, I cannot build an addition to my skinny one car garage. Tried but had to get a property variance which the town and neighbors rejected. So, I put up a two car igloo which the town considers a "temporary structure" right at the edge of my property line (without any setback). It's been there since 2008! Ronnie...I once owned a 2001 S10 Blazer 4X4 two door. Bought it new, traded in a 1996 Riviera for it. That S10 was one of the best cars I've ever owned...never should have sold it...had only 22K miles on it when I sold it in 2007.
  14. Woke up the '91 Reatta, took the cover off, drove it out of the igloo and around the block a few times. Today's mission was swapping around a few cars: moved the '00 Eldorado into another position within the igloo, moved the '14 Caddy ATS out of the garage and into the driveway for Spring/Summer/Fall. Drove the Reatta into the garage for Spring/Summer/Fall. Diane doesn't mind giving up her ATS' garage space since she always has me drive her car out/in the garage whenever she uses it. Have to admit the one-car garage is pretty narrow. Oil changes and annual MA inspection stickers are coming up for the Reatta and Eldo in April. Then they'll be out and about daily. Plan to drive the Eldo to a June Hemming's Motor News cruise-in at their Bennington, VT headquarters. Also plan to drive the Reatta to the July BCA Nationals at Strongsville, OH.
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