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  1. Drove the Reatta to a cruise-in at the Shaws grocery store parking lot with fellow Mustang friends on Wednesday (7/8/20), about 30 miles round trip. Only two Buicks in sight besides mine...a '65 Grand Sport and a '71 Riviera boattail. All were adhering to social distancing and masks. Had planned to attend another on Thursday at the old Raynham MA Dog Track parking lot, but the heat index was up in the upper 90's, so I poo pooed that idea. Still driving around with a half tank left of last fall's gas (with Seafoam) with no problems...the Seafoam is actually helping improve my gas mileage slightly! All local MA car shows have been canceled to date. A few are still on the books for August and September but we'll see as these dates approach. RI and NH have allowed a few to happen, though.
  2. Welcome James. I'm sure you'll agree there's quite a bit of expert info from Reatta owners on this forum. My current Reatta is a '91 coupe. I'm also a previous owner of two '92 Rivieras....can't beat the look of the 7th generation Riv.
  3. Thanks, Ronnie. My plan is in fact to wait until fall/winter . Not quite sure I personally will tackle the job at age 71 (vertigo) but will certainly read all about it beforehand on the ROJ (the ROJ is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion). I always like to be fully educated on a car repair before handing it over to a mechanic.
  4. Friday, 6/12, drove the Reatta to an impromptu cruise-in with a couple of Mustang buddies of mine...about a 50 mile round trip. Felt good to get it out and about. Still haven't driven it enough to require any gasoline refill...still running on last fall's gas-in-tank with stabilizer! Do know if I drive it to next year's BCA at NC and OH I'm going to have to replace struts and shocks beforehand.
  5. Dave, Glad you made it home safely. Gas under a dollar where you are?...nice! Averaging $1.59 here in Eastern MA. Problem is that my cars are all full to the brim with really no place to go.
  6. A quote from Jack Welch, BCA Board, April 16: "In consultation with the members of the National Meet Committee (NMC), the BCA Board of Directors (BOD) has voted to cancel the 2020 National Meet in Strongsville, Ohio. There will be no BCA National Meet in 2020 due to the COVID 19 virus and our concern for our member’s safety. This was a difficult decision to make, but one we feel is in the best interests of the health and well-being of our members. We thank you for your patience while the Board weighed all the facts that went into this decision. We especially wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to the Northeast Ohio Chapter for all their work that went into planning for what would have been a terrific meet this year. We encourage our members to cancel any motel / hotel reservations that you have for this meet. We are in the process of refunding any entry fees for the 2020 National Meet. Please allow us some time to make these arrangements and get payment to you. People that paid by credit card will have refunds made to their credit card. Members that paid by check or by online will either have their check returned if not cashed or have a check from the BCA send to them. The NMC and the BOD are in discussions with the Strongsville and Concord (Charlotte) groups for the future. BCA Board of Directors"
  7. As for a mask while driving: just have one readily available. Every town/county/state has different regulations. Better to be prepared, just in case. An example here MA: town of Salem will fine you if you don't wear a mask while outside your house, period...never mind outside your property or even while driving. Talk about infringement of individual freedoms!! But, today I went grocery shopping. MA Governor "strongly suggests" shoppers wear masks and gloves. Yet, I saw about one third of the shoppers with neither.
  8. Sounds like a solid plan. My wife doesn't like long drives either. But I say she misses out on the experiences of car travel across somewhere in the USA. That's why I attend ROA and BCA Nationals by myself. Stay Safe and report in along the way if possible.
  9. If you're driving back take caution and have a mask handy while driving through certain states....some more stringent than others re: requiring masks at all times even while in your own car. Don't forget to put one on while stopping for gas or takeout food. BE SAFE.
  10. Such a nice day in my area today (4/11). So I took the Reatta out for a quick exercise down the highway for one exit and back home through the back streets...no pictures. Highways are almost void of cars but those who are on it are speeding wicked...bunch of looser's! Then it was on to raking my front lawn.
  11. Got the '91 Reatta's and '00 Eldorado's oil & filter changed along with their annual safety inspections yesterday (4/1) while the sun was out somewhat. Right now they both wait for the rain to let up hopefully by sometime Friday afternoon. Weather here has been cold and raw. Just want to get them out for some exercise around and about and down the highway with no stops anywhere in particular and no human contact by/toward me. Keep safe folks.
  12. Ronnie...thanks for bringing the manual over to the forum. I've always been leery of using mine, but now I can repair it if it fails while trying it out.
  13. Rock Auto 5% discount good thru May 24, 2020: 133751584124171508
  14. Create a RockAuto account. Then go to the drop down box entitled "Profile". Within "Profile" there will be an box entitled "Account Settings" where you can change a password, or email address, plus click on the "Yes" button to receive RockAuto News Letter and Discount Emails. Then hit "Save".
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