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  1. I logged on to the AACA forum at 6:30pm tonight and was required to hit the "Agree" button at the end of the post that popped up before I was allowed to continue. There's still a "Modified" sub-forum under the BCA forum, though. Don't quite understand the point they're trying to make when there's a "Modified" sub-forum still listed.
  2. Tekton makes a 7/8" hex slotted socket for a 3/8" drive. The slot running down the side of the socket is to get by the wire coming out the top of the O2 sensor. I was told some years ago the this was the correct socket for removing 3800 V6 Buick O2 sensors.
  3. The front license plate bracket part number is 1639026. The bracket support part number is 1639027. I concur with Dave and Ronnie in that those states that required a front license, the dealer would include it in the car order form. MA requires a front license plate. In fact, if any MA state trooper cannot easily see your front or rear plate "clearly" at 20' you receive a ticket and/or an inspection failure. This means no license plate add-on's, i.e. plate surrounds, plastic covers, etc. Not even a slightly dirty/muddy plate.
  4. Can't tell you the last time I actually used a paste wax on my cars. I've been using Turtle ICE and Eagle One Nano liquid waxes for quite awhile now with excellent results...swear by them. Wipe on , wipe off!
  5. You might also try Daves89 on this forum (Dave Lemke), or Jim Finn at reattas60@gmail.com, or Marck Barker of www.eastcoastreattaparts.com for a used one.
  6. No spare, but you might try Daves89 on this forum (Dave Lemke), or Jim Finn at reattas60@gmail.com, or Marck Barker of www.eastcoastreattaparts.com.
  7. The parts I've accumulated are not for sale...they're potential replacements for my '91. Sorry 'bout that....
  8. Rock Auto's 5% discount is available to anyone for use. A gentleman from the Riv Performance Forum gave me a website that displays the codes with various expiration dates. It is: https://www.retailmenot.com/view/rockauto.com . The latest code is 129268223120350775 with an expiration date of 03/29/2020. Enter the code in the box entitled "How Did You Hear About Us" in the Order/Payment/Shipping Screen.
  9. At times, Rock Auto sends out a 5% discount code to its users. Any/all folks are OK to use the discount code. Normally, over at the Riv Performance Forum (http://rivperformance.editboard.com/forum) you can find that someone has listed the most recent code that's good to use until a prescribed expiration date. You don't have to be a frequent/past/present Rock Auto user to take advantage of the discount. However, in order to acquire the code you need to have a Riv Performance Forum ID/Password. When ordering at Rock Auto, there is a box labeled "How did you hear about us" on the Payment/Shipping screen. That's where you enter the discount code.
  10. Beside the Reatta forums responding quickly, I find the only others are Riviera related: ROA and Riv Performance forums. They were a great help to me when I had questions re: my '85, two '92s' and '96 & '97 Rivieras. I really appreciate this forum and the ROJ.
  11. Used to have a number of Reatta's in 2 salvage yards near me years ago in addition to a lot of the parts rendered from 7th gen Riviera's (none around now for quite a few years). Some came from on-line sources, over time. I made a point of collecting Reatta/Riviera parts when I owned Reatta's or Riviera's in pairs...down to 1 Reatta now, no Riviera's.
  12. Thought I'd show some pics of my Reatta inventory shelved in my cellar (we don't call them basements in New England). Not shown are 3 taillight assemblies, L and R vent window assemblies, and L and R turn signal/parking light assemblies. PS: had nothing else to do today...can't wait 'til April...
  13. I go out every few days and take a look at my Reatta still inside the igloo, under its vinyl cover, with the battery tender attached looking like a heart monitor! Sometimes, I actually open the driver door just to look inside at the flame red interior! The Reatta sits aft of my 2000 Eldorado which is in the same predicament. April can't come soon enough...
  14. Dave...I could sure use 2 fronts if they are retrievable....many thanks.
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