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  1. I came across this website which contains about 150 subjects on automobile subjects from oil type breakdowns to providing reasons causing fuel injector breakdown to explanations of different types of bearings to additives to antifreeze to protect against leaks, etc. https://www.counterman.com/tag/tech-topics/ Woody 89MAUI
  2. Having had a heating problem in my '89, 210 - 220, I replaced my water pump with no improvement, changed the thermostat with no improvement, then emptied the antifreeze then cleaned the cooling system with no improvement then ordered a new radiator then my temp held at 180 the temp of the thermostat - successful. I am wondering if the fender bender loosened the corrosion inside of the radiator and it has blocked a part of your radiator causing less cooling area. Just remember that your radiator is now 30 years old and could now have a lot of corrosion inside.
  3. A FIREMIST BLUE is needed to complete the color list.
  4. My niece is presently living in Iowa and she has accepted a position in Raleigh as a "CITY PLANNER". My question is when she brings her vehicles into the state of N. Carolina does she have a limited amount of time to register her cars with the state before she is penalized. I am in the state of Maryland and if a new state citizen moves into the state they have 30 days to register their vehicles to the state and if they do not they must pay a 10% penalty fee based on the value of their vehicle plus the cost of their license plate. Thus my question on registering a vehicle. Woody
  5. The abs valve allows the brake pressure from the pump to be maintained while directing the fluid to both rear tires. Do not worry about the fluid that is in the abs valve as it will be changed through the change out of fluid. The abs valve is physically located in front of the rear drivers side tire.
  6. What has not been mentioned is that first you must remove the reservoir of fluid. This is best accomplished first by having the key in the "off" position then by removing the rubber hose off of the bottom of the reservoir tank and draining into a drain pan under the car. Then reconnect the hose to the reservoir tank. Now fill the tank with fresh new brake fluid. Next turn the ignition switch to "on". Then I release the pet cock valve on the rear passenger side and let the brake pressure push the old brake fluid out until you have new fluid coming out then close the pet cock valve. Next release the pet cock on the rear drivers side and release the old brake fluid out until you have new fluid coming out then close the pet cock valve. Check the reservoir after each tire drain. Do Not refill the reservoir tank past the fill level. When the brake accumulator pump is stopped running the accumulator pressurized fluid is rerouted back to the brake fluid reservoir tank and the excess fluid causes the tank level to rise and fluid should only rise to the full level mark and not above. Now you turn the ignition key to "off". Now the front brakes can be drained. They will be drained by the conventional manner of having a person depressing the brake pedal and holding it down then releasing the pet cock valve allowing the old brake fluid to drain into the drain pan. Then tighten down the pet cock valve to the closed position then release the brake pedal. Reapply the brake pedal and hold down the pedal until the the the pet cock valve is slowly opened and then allow the old brake fluid to drain into the drain pan. Continue until the drained fluid is clear (clean). My '89 has been my garage queen for almost 2 years. I must change out the brake fluid before I place her back on the road due to the fluid accepting moisture over time.
  7. Dave - I know you hit the pick yards, why not get a used catalytic converter with somewhat low mileage car or does your state inspect for catalytic converters and if not for antique vehicles then remove it. Also good luck on your prostrate cancer and make sure your doctor keeps a watchful eye on it. Woody
  8. Jim Five years ago I was found to have lung cancer. My top 1/3 of my lung was removed. 2 years later samples of the nodes to that lung were found to have cancer. I was given a MRI and found that I had stage 4 cancer in 7 different locations in my abdomen. The oncologist immediately put me on the "poison" and a new cancer drug called catruda. I was getting the drugs on a 3 week infusion time, each infusion is called a "cycle". At 6 month's time they removed the "poison" and from then on I was only on catruda. I had 35 cycles of catruda and in November I had the 35th cycle of catruda. Through-out the 35 cycles they gave me a MRI every 3 cycles and compared it to the previous MRI. After the 35th cycle they gave me another MRI. In January I will have another MRI. My neighbor has just started the same program and their insurance is paying $23,000 a cycle. My insurance has paid 100% and I did not know how much the catruda was costing. The catruda purpose is to retrain the white corpuscles to attack cancer cells. So for every third month I will get another MRI and compare it to the previous MRI. So I have been getting an infusion for 35 cycles (over 25 months), I still have stage IV but hopefully the catuda will keep me alive. I also had a cancer in my urinary bladder, they were ready to remove my bladder but because I was on the catruda for the lung cancer they gave me 10 doses of radiation. They have reviewed the internal view of my bladder and state the cancer has been removed. Thankfully my hospital is keeping me alive.
  9. I walked passed my '89 in the garage and I wondered if I should wash her and put the tarp over her when the temp reaches above 65 deg. She has not touched the street in 18 months. 2 years and 3 months ago I was given an MRI and found I have stage IV lung cancer. During that time I have been given catruda, the latest cancer drug. I also just retired at the age of 72 so come this spring I will take her out of the garage and drive her around but more on this come the spring of '20.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Woody 89 MAUI
  11. Ronnie - thanks for the memory recount. I had changed out my rear end and I also changed my struts front & rear then decided to get a 4 wheel alignment. the alignment computer could not set the alignment except on one wheel. I returned a week later with a full tank of fuel and 300 pounds to the trunk. The alignment computer then allowed for shims to be installed and properly aligned the rear end. Then the front end, with the weight added into the rear end (fuel & 300 lbs), aligned correctly. I have heard others say that the added fuel and 300 lbs should only be done if the car is a Riviera with the auto leveling, but I personally saw what the computer responded to and like the results. Woody 89 MAUI
  12. Having had the problem of transmission cooling lines that were rusted and leaking. I had custom made cooling lines made since replacement cooling lines were not available anywhere. I made the decision to replace the radiator while I was into this project. While into this project I found that the transmission fluid had not been replaced in many years so I took it to a tranny shop to replace the fluid, filter and gasket. I brought it home on Tuesday and today I took it out for a 45 mile drive of highway and 40 mph roads and found that the engine temp never rose any higher that 192 degrees and that is with a 190 degree thermostat. Having had the Reatta for 6 years I was always seeing 210 to 225 degrees on the thermo with combined driving, but now I am very pleased with replacing the radiator. The old radiator must have had a lot of clog in it. A new radiator runs $100 in the ROJ Amazon store and it may be the answer to controlling the temperature of your engine. Replacing the radiator looks very involved but once you start it is really quite easy. :) Woody
  13. But having the year round summer there is a problem with the sun on the rubber items around the car such as the windows & doors, and the strut's insulators, and the motor mounts, and etc. They are not easily found the older the Reatta becomes. Woody 89 MAUI
  14. Harry - I was speaking of Dave Serio on Saturday morning on AM station 680 & 1370. You are probably right on the spelling but Dave said it was off the market. Woody 89 MAUI
  15. When I bought my '89 6 years ago I paid to have an inspection done prior to my purchasing. The inspection found headlight motors, struts and rusted/leaking transmission cooling lines. Well, I replaced the headlight motors and struts then I felt it was time to replace the leaky trans cooling lines. I searched the parts houses and found a set that would work on the Buick Reatta which I bought for $50 but it turned out that it was for a '98 Olds w/3.8 but the lines were of difference dia. I continued to search after 4 weeks and found a radiator company in my back yard that would make a set for $350. As long as I was having them made I decided to purchase a new radiator through the Reatta store of ROJ. Which brings me to something I found out that might be the cause of our Reatta's running HOT. There is a radio station program which he takes calls about peoples problems with their cars and pick-ups and it that originates in Baltimore but he is spreading to other states. He mentioned that in the mid to late 90's there was a antifreeze on the market that was being used called DEXATROL and it would eventually clog radiators and coat the water pump, it had an orange color. It was taken off the market around 2,000. If you are having a cooling problem he suggest that you replace your water pump, radiator and thermostat. We are slowly running out of replacement parts, even though some are compatible with the Riviera, we have a terrific 3.8 V6 but replacement parts are slowly diminishing. I called STEELE moulding company 5 years ago and asked about mouldings for the Reatta and their reponse was there was not a large enough market for the 21k Reatta's built to make the replacement mouldings and to make a profit. Which takes me to Ronnie's comment about keeping ROJ active on the internet, as much as we love this 2 seater how much longer can we get replacement parts let alone information such as Ronnie's tutorals to keep our cars on the road. Ronnie has had a great website in conjunction with the AACA but without support from us how can we expect Ronnie to keep his website active? Woody 89 MAUI
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