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  1. en it to someone who said he can rebuild it, We will see. How much do you want for it. ??
  2. I need the headliner, Mine is Saddle but I can recover any good solid insert. I can pick it up within a few hundred miles of Dallas.
  3. I replaced the original bulbs with LED conversion lights. They were brighter than the originals and I was happy with them. They worked fine for a couple of days. Then the doors would not close. I thought it was the light switch, so I bought a replacement switch. No change. Doors stayed open. After many hours of searching the manual and the internet, I happened to read in one of these forums that some one had the same problem and was told that he probably had a bad low beam in one or both bulbs. The closing of the door was done by the low beam element in the left bulb. I thought that was very unlikely but I put the original bulbs back in, and BANG. the doors are back to normal. LED is strange. Doesn't draw enough amps to work with original applications such as blinkers and polarity is critical. I'm going to stop trying to up grade to LED.
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