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  1. Just for grins I would take the seats out and remove the front carpet then check the wire connections on both the driver's and passenger's side. Your "gremlins" could start there.
  2. For Reatta lacrosse and anyone else interested what I did was real simple. I went out to the local You Pick yard and grabbed another cassette deck. I opened the back of the You Pick deck and took out the speaker connector with the short pigtail attached. I then splice it into a extension phono plug giving me 2' -3' more wire. I then removed the cassette deck from my Reatta, unplugged the car's speaker harness [leaving the power connection in place] and then plugged the car's stereo harness into my fabricated lead with the You Pick connector. Run the lead back through the cassette deck opening and under the console [you only have to remove the shifter plate] and feed it to the ash tray. Drill a 1/2" hole in the ash tray, insert a rubber grommet for protection of any rough edges in the ash tray and feed the lead through the grommet. I just curl the lead in the tray and surrounding area under the ash tray lid. You should use zip ties or electrical tape to keep the phono lead from getting tangled in the shift mechanism. After plugging the lead into your device [for me my MP3 player] you can just go to the "radio" page select "play" and wait for the clicking to stop [about 10 seconds] unless your cassette deck isn't broke and you will have your device playing through the factory system. I didn't want to get into cutting up any original harness so this way keeps everything simple and easily restored to original by simply removing my fabricated harness. For additional base I added a powered sub woofer and tapped into the just the rear speakers for a little low end "kick" and have been very pleased with the sound.
  3. Okay I'll respond to your e mail with a price and payment terms. But what did you do to the factory original wiring and the cassette deck and radio? You may need a replacement stereo harness as well, or can you repair it back to original?
  4. Just so we are clear on this, it's not for free. There is a part price and shipping as well.
  5. I think I have an extra MP 3 lead laying around. It is plug and play. What you do is pull out your existing cassette lead [leaving the power plug, plugged in and plug it into the MP3 lead. Then just use the radio page to turn on the cassette deck and hit play. You must have a broken cassette tape in the player. If you have a broken cassette player it will click for about 10 seconds and then play whatever you have the MP3 lead plugged into. If interested I can be reached at; lemke1044@aol.com However I am in Texas on vacation and won't be back until mid April.
  6. Well thanks Hal. Glad you picked it up and it ran for you. It did get "good" car treatment in the early years and actually last fall it got front tie rods and ball joints along with front brake lines. The rear brake lines were done I believe the year before. You have Barney cranks so that is good as well. Overall still a nice car that still looks good. Between this one, and the Red one at Bob's as well as your own "in need" Reatta you should end up with two nice cars. I have decided also that the 'vert will be our Brownsville Reatta as we purchased a mobile home down here for a "winter" retreat [the months of January, February, and March]. We'll need a car here and the place we bought has both a car port and a one car garage so the 'vert would be great for that and have inside storage. This also gets me back to a situation where my remaining three cars will fit in my garage. The "off season" Reatta along the back wall and the Enclave on the left and the driving Reatta on the right. This also will end the snow shoveling for the "Widow Schneider" the lady that allowed me to store a Reatta in her garage for snow blowing her driveway. She will be 85 this year and has been hinting at selling her house and going into assisted living. I think that I was one of the reasons why she could stay in her house, but that can't weigh into my decision as to what I want to do. I did her driveway for over 12 years and now it is time to move on...
  7. I sent mine into United Radio years ago. Worked great, but I never used it so I sold it to a guy who wanted everything to work. Can I ask why you want it working or are you interested in options?
  8. I've not done that but I have seen that when I scroll through parts that I want to buy the closeouts are shown.
  9. Rock Auto is very accommodating when it comes to making it right. If you remember just a month ago when my Buick Enclave had a "Service Engine Soon" light come on I placed an overnight order for coils and spark plugs not realizing that even the overnight would get there too late. I canceled within the hour and they caught it and stopped the order. [I then went to Advance and ordered from them using a 25% discount and Speed Perks and paid about the same]. I also had [previously from Rock Auto] received an order with an open box and parts missing. They sent out the replacement no questions asked. You are correct in that ordering just one part with freight from Rock Auto might be more expensive then either locally or from Amazon. But as I have previously stated just order some maintenance items [oil/air filters, brake pads, wiper blades, light bulbs] and then you come out way ahead. Right now I am so stocked with new aftermarket parts that I could open my own Reatta store. Without checking I ordered a new fuel filter and front brake lines only to find that the P.O. replaced the rubber lines [found when I redid the caliper bracket bolts] and included an extra fuel filter in a box of other "goodies". I also purchased an extra timing chain, sprocket, and cam magnet only to see that they replaced also. So if anyone needs anything...
  10. We are and so far I/we like it. Today was in the 80's overcast with a real short misty rain. It looks like it's clearing up so off to the pool. On a side note I drove the '88 Black about 250 miles on kind of a "shake down" cruise and it drove real well. I think the strut mounts are going but it could also be something else. I'll have to crawl under the car and see. However one thing happened and I did address it as soon as I got home. As I was driving down the road I thought I might have hit some road debris and it really rattled through the bottom of the car. But everything seemed fine when I stopped at my first appointment and I checked the tire and other observations. But when I got back in the car and went to back up as soon as I hit the brake I got a big bang and vibration through the car. At first I thought it was the tranny, but when I went to back up again it worked fine until I used the brakes and then it happened again. So long story short when I got home and got the car up on jack stands I saw that both of the caliper bracket bolts had worked loose from the bracket. The front one was gone [which caused that road noise as it went out underneath the car] and only the rear bolt was there still keeping the caliper bracket in line. That bolt allowed me to go forward but not backward because when I applied the brakes the bracket would pivot up, and then drop back in place when I went forward. At first I didn't realize what I was seeing so I went to Gibson's and got more bracket bolts and a caliper bracket. I also got the brake caliper slider pins [like new] all for $11.00 so it was good deal. Then back home, so what was up and used one of the bolts from Gibson's to replace the "lost" one and got everything back together. Didn't have time to do the other side as I was late to get to Kendall's house to beat him at pool. So the day ended well and the car looks to be a great buy [at least after 250 miles].
  11. My wife hates almost any kind of cold weather [in the winter time] so rather then look for something in Florida we thought we would try Texas [Brownsville]. Real estate is still fairly reasonable so here we are! Tennessee is a beautiful state and I always thought I would end up there, but now I don't think that will happen.
  12. Well it's official. 2seater came over on Monday and got the keys and title to the Black '89. As you can see I removed the car from my signature line so it's gone. This car has treated me well over the 11 years of ownership and now 2seater can take it the rest of the way. I didn't want to sell it because while it is a good runner someone who is familiar with Reattas needs to own it for whatever may pop up requiring attention. It has 318,000 miles of which 120,000 were put on by me. I just didn't want to be the one to put it in Gibson's [my local you pick]. Later this summer he comes for my driving parts car [which has many almost new parts put on by the previous owners. For the record I am not getting out of Reattas I am just getting down to what can fit in my garage. I have the parts car at a friends house [which is okay as he has a barn with extra room] and one car is kept at a widow lady's house, but she is 84 and her health is failing. We bought a property in Texas so I will be driving the 'vert down there to use as our "vacation" car which is perfect for a couple of empty nesters. That will give me a "summer" Reatta [the Red] and a "winter" Reatta the '88 Black for here in Wisconsin. My wife's car? She drives an Enclave...
  13. I spent the day removing the "add on" parts I installed in the Black '89 over the years. That included my Mp 3 lead, truck lites/wiring harness, power amp lead and sub woofer and then of course installing original equipment [headlights, fog lights, stock speakers]. I had to redo the speaker wire ends as someone in the past cut off the connectors. It was a long day but now the car is ready for pick up.
  14. I have two used ones where the back lights on the hard buttons don't light up but otherwise looks and works great. One one the top three light up but not the bottom three. In the other one all 6 hard buttons are dark. I would discount those if you are interested. If interested you can e mail me at; lemke1044@aol.com
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