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  1. I believe he charges $70.00 or so for a rebuild. You send him yours and he rebuilds it and sends it back. It's not a bad idea to have an extra one as these are one year only Reatta only switches. I believe I have an extra one or two and might be interested in selling one, however I am on vacation until March 3. However you can e mail if interested; lemke1044@aol.com
  2. I'm currently on vacation in Texas and miss my cars. [We took the Enclave]. But when I get back I will be swapping the "upgrades" from the '89 Black over to the '88 Black [my new winter Reatta]. That would be the wiring for my Kicker powered sub woofer, MP 3 adapter lead, and a couple of other items. Then Hal can come for it... To keep this on the photo topic, the picture posted by Ronnie of owners and there cars will still be somewhat correct as I am pictured with my Red and the old Black . I still look about the same and so will the pictures.
  3. Another option is Marck Barker at East Coast Reatta. He is a big time parts seller, dealer and does repairs of Reattas. He might be interested in your car for resale. He would be coming to that BCA National Meet I mentioned. At that price he should be a buyer.
  4. The BCA [Buick Club of America] is having it's annual reunion this summer in Ohio. They have a car corral and you could sell your car there. Or put it on Ebay with no reserve with opening bid of $700.00. While your car has a couple of issues it still presents itself well. I just bought one [1988 Black/Tan] with 190,000 miles at what I thought was a great deal at $1000.00. It was only about 90 miles from me so transportation was real cheap. If I didn't have so many now I would be heading your way...
  5. I have extra used CRTs if you are interested. However I am on vacation and won't return until March 1. I also don't know what I paid for them to arrive at a price. If interested I can be reached at; lemke1044@aol.com
  6. Cancellation/credit just came through from Rock Auto. Parts from Advance will be in tomorrow morning. Installed tomorrow and a quick test drive and then finish loading the Enclave and off to Texas.
  7. Well I'm now in the middle of a order mess. I got a SES code this morning on my Buick Enclave and went to have it read at AutoZone. They told me I had a random miss fire on 5 of 6 cylinders and should replace the plugs and or coils. I called my mechanic friend and he said don't screw around replace both the coils and plugs, so here we go. I'm leaving Friday early morning to drive the Enclave to Texas. I thought I could get the plugs and coils [both AC] from Rock Auto overnighted to be here tomorrow [Thursday]. They will overnight but that is Friday before end of day. I only read that after I placed the order, so I quickly cancelled. Hopefully they don't still come. I did cancel within 10 minutes of placing the order so it should be stopped. So I then went to Advance Auto and went to place my order. They have Drive works [house brand] and BMW on special for 25% off which tells me the Driveworks are probably made by BMW and then AC spark plugs. After all my screwing around it turns out that Advance is cheaper by $8.00 on the entire order using the discounts then it would have been overnighting from Rock. Next time I pay closer attention...
  8. I think the AACA main forum is supposed to be pure and a little leeway will be given in the other sub forums.
  9. I'm not sure Ronnie, but I think you are reading to much into this. The main forum is the AACA and everything else is a sub forum. If you scroll down farther you will see that there are allowances for modified areas. The AACA proper is preserving old cars with no modifications. Which technically is not correct as even the purists are fabricating parts and adding electric fuel pumps, etc.
  10. Ronnie that's cheap. My neighbor had a Nissan Pathfinder and wanted me to replace his. He needed four of them and each one was well over $100.00 each.
  11. They do. It is an early Reatta with suede bolsters, brown steering wheel cap [swapped out for the sunburst], and early Master Cylinder. I did remove the driver's seat to take into the upholsterer as the thigh extension has a tear in the suede. I then swapped in a later passenger seat and think I will swap out the suede passenger seat with a later tan seat. That way I keep the suede seats nice for one of the other cars [the Red or the 'vert].
  12. Today I took the '88 Black and it's like turning the clock back on the '89 Black. The seats are more plush, the struts are better giving me a more comfortable ride. I really was having remorse about letting the '89 Black go, but I guess it's like getting a new girlfriend [hard to remember as I've been married 40 years] . I'll miss having it around but now there are new memories to be made with the '88 Black. I'm even thinking of leaving the Red in storage next summer just so I can get everything sorted out for next winter. My new winter car that was a 2010 Silver Award winner [I have the plaque]. Doesn't sound right but that's how it goes. On another note the other reason for taking it out was to be sure everything was good with the radiator swap. Everything is good and no leaks.
  13. The Reatta was sold without the front license plate bracket, but could be ordered in the states that front plates were mandatory.
  14. Well Ronnie my luck is a little better. As I thought I was going to just junk the '89 Red parts car I had stored at a friend's house I kept the leaking radiator I replaced last fall to put in that car just so it would look "complete". But now that Hal wants that car I will not swap it out. And as I have both the 2015 and 2019 receipts I can get two radiators as 1-800-Radiator has a "lifetime" warranty. So I will have an extra radiator for if I should develop another leak in any of the cars. And this is legitimate as the '89 Black did get the one in 2015 and then again in 2019. I just didn't put the new 2019 radiator in the '89 Black as I was getting rid of it. I instead put it in the '88 Black and the '88 Black into the '89 Black thinking as that was to be my new winter Reatta why wouldn't I want new parts in that one?
  15. Just can't stay out of the '88 Black. Took it for a quick drive over to the local upholstery shop for a quote on a small rip in the suede portion of the thigh extension part. When I got back home I thought I would put a "Reatta" front license plate on. While I was doing that [with the car running] I saw some steam coming out from under the hood at the right front headlight pod. Popped the hood and sure enough my new radiator is leaking from the fin area. Less then 200 miles. So I looked for my receipt and zipped over to the local 1-800-radiator warehouse and they confirmed the purchase as a no charge replacement. The new one arrives tomorrow. So I start the swap right away in the morning and the replacement will be in about noon.
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