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  1. So what is the price and are they running? That part [running] is a bit vague, because if they are not running then all 4 cars are... parts cars.
  2. Looks good, however you may want some chrome acorn nuts [available for cheap on ebay] as well as some Reatta center caps to not confuse someone looking at your car. I do like Pontiac wheels. I had thought about getting some in the past.
  3. Used fuel pump sending unit. Bought from Jim Finn in anticipation my mechanic would need it when replacing my fuel pump. Didn't need so now for sale. Paid $135.00 including postage, will take best reasonable offer. lemke1044@aol.com
  4. Been an interesting couple of weeks with the Red and the 'vert. First the 'vert developing driveability issues that were due to a collapsed front driver's side brake line. The blockage was so great that it seemed that the car had bad fuel injectors. It would idle fine [in Park of course] but when driving there was just no go. Swapped out the rotors, pads and both front brake lines. The difference was immediate. Then the Red acted up. Two things at once. There is an ignition module on the column that my friend Kendall diagnosed and replaced for me. How/why I had a back up of that part I will never know. However we had another issue as well. I had little or no fuel pressure. The only way I could start the car was "whacking" the gas tank with a rubber mallet while someone was turning the key. Turned out that there was a loose connection on the fuel pump sending unit which I was able to repair. But as long as I was in there I did have the mechanic replace the fuel pump as well [and fuel pump filter]. So as I have purchased a used fuel pump from Jim Finn [a Reatta used parts seller] I have a good used fuel pump for sale. I paid $135.00 delivered for it and am willing to sell it for any reasonable offer. My e mail is; lemke1044@aol.com
  5. Good for him. Hope he finds the help he wants/needs.
  6. I also went to Padgett's post about what to do to make the conversion. There is an adapter plate that is provided on some cars that will convert the Delco unit to the Reatta. It has the correct 3 hole plate for mounting the ICM with the 6 holes for the coils. I would look at older Buicks/Pontiacs about 1993-1997. Remember the ground is through the plate so it won't start without it being grounded. In regards to what Delco unit works go to www.car-part.com and enter the vehicle Padgett used, a 1994 Pontiac Transport and the site will tell what cars will work and who has them. Okay, I went out to my car [I carry an extra in the trunk] and counted the pins on the Delco unit. There are 14. There is also an "adapter plate which is easily visible as it is silver and the ICM and coils are black. Once you get all the parts you really are good to go.
  7. I have never seen a need to swap studs on my wheel swaps so have no advice...
  8. The lower mounting plate is not what you will use. however take it along as a all in one thing as it stops confusion at the parts counter. What you want is the Ignition Control Module and the Coils. Be sure to take the screws
  9. Happy 4th to you as well Ronnie. My wife and I went for a bike ride, and that was about it. Didn't even fire up a Reatta today.
  10. I don't know, but here is there address and phone #. 888-873-5225 and they are located on Town Farm Lane in Billerica which is somewhere close tp Boston.
  11. Coil packs with the ignition module are still less then $50.00-$60.00. In my opinion still a great way to go. Just tell them you have a 1991 Reatta and you want a low mileage one. Jacks used cars and parts in Billerica has a 1997 LeSabre with 42,000 miles and wants only $19.00.
  12. Speaking of calendars, I still have my Reatta calendar. Next year it will be correct...
  13. I did it on the 'vert and my mechanic friend said it was a good time to do it. I will also tell you that I went 265,000 miles on the Red before I would have done it on that car. However I bought a ultra low mileage '88 engine which according to 2seater [and I believe him] has a bit more HP. Still ended up doing some work on that engine before the install [with a rebuilt tranny]. So the easy answer is if you are pulling the timing cover to do the cam sensor sure swap it out. If you are doing the "quick" repair [see above in the "common problems" found in the tool bar then you may not want to.
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