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  1. I agree, looks llke major job with iffy succes, on May try to hot wire the cruise, as I have no or light on dash when I turn it on. Also no power to servo...but last resort...
  2. I got a early code reader from a friend, only thing shows up is o2 sensor, also it would not let me clear codes...from reading here it will clear code when I change and drive 18 miles...check engine light command resets...dont know why reader would not show code for abs...light on....i know I have bad wheel pick up
  3. Yes Friday if I get a read on that bridge location and access. Being of master jury rig...i held brake switch in place with a strip tie, now I have overdrive...without big toe holding peddle back...lol....this is my second reatta, in 93 I purchased a 88,,,I was a used truck dealer for 28 years and always loved the car...and I have had them all, from used lamborghin , to corvetts, etc...reatta was way under rated in ride and feel comfort.
  4. I am going to need a picture of that :huh: 90 wiper switch is on stalk...remove the dash? Where do I begin? I have pulled all of center, radio, heater, box before...by the way I got radio buttons to work by taking it apart and cleaning under rubbers on board. I can pull cluster to gain access???
  5. Just fyi. I took out seats, where seat plug comes out I made one slice across side to side l shaped on both ends..completely exposed plastic cover over wires. Cut tape holding plastic togather pulled up outside edge bent it under arm rest to hold it in place. Did splices 3 hrs on both sides, covered back . Carpet back easyand can' tell it was cut....no Need to remove carpet....again all I fixed interior lights now work, and boot release....10 or more broken wires??? Jeez I thought all would be fine :S
  6. Thank you, I did check fuses, also pulled door card, see if I had broken wires in rubber boot...all ok...i will check what you sent....thanks
  7. Just spent 4 hours splicing broken wires under carpet both sides, I have interior lights now and boot switch. But no cruise light, no locks, no power mirrors???? Trying to clear codes on this 90 rag top is near impossible unless you have already found cure for cancer....i checked fuses, only 89k miles. Any suggestions?
  8. I just did my wires today, just cut rug. 4 hours of new splices....got interior lights. Boot switch works now, but still no cruise and power mirrors.
  9. I never saw a junk yard that will not ship parts...they say just small parts
  10. How is top? Where in indi......i just called thy will not ship the top. :huh:
  11. My 1990 is exact same thing...no mirrors, locks, interior lights, hatch latch....my question can someone show where the harness runs across drivers ? ..where I can cut picture
  12. So my best bet is a cat test straight pipe....425 cfm...where would smell. come from? I assume u used a straight pipe "for years"?. So there was no additional rumble under car with straight pipe? I am not changing stock muffler...thank you good info
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