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A forum for discussing and sharing information about the Buick Reatta. Come in and make yourself at home!

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    • I have been sampling the Facebook Reatta forums for the last week. Certainly geared more to social and story telling, but most information seems reasonable and accurate. Marck does a nice job overall. I am not used to the format or how Facebook style posting is arranged, which is my issue to deal with. This style forum seems more intuitive with things grouped by subject and threads rather than a timeline style. I am sure that is part of the filtering process that I am not familiar with. Interesting to see people directed here or AACA for details and tutorials on several subjects. Would be nice to have some reverse pollination going on.
    • So what is the price and are they running? That part [running] is a bit vague, because if they are not running then all 4 cars are... parts cars.
    • I think replacing the sending unit would be a good idea. Be sure to get the correct one for your Reatta. The one in there now might not be the right one for your car.
    • Thanks Ronnie. That spike is an all the time occurance, warming up in the driveway or driving down the road at any speed, and appears to be prior to the thermostat even opening (no running river apparent with the radiator cap off). The cooling fans come on at the same time as the spike. Like I said, temp goes from  42° to 110° displayed from ED04 diagnostic with nothing in between, even with no thermostat installed. Something is not right. I will try another sending unit now that I know where to look (thanks 2seater).
    • Engine temperature sending unit is on the driver’s side end of intake manifold below the throttle body. The information from that single sender is used by the ECM to operate the cooling fans as well as the IPC display.
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