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    • Philbo
      What year is your Reatta? I have the factory repair manual for 1990 and can look to see if it has any info on your problem.  
    • Philbo
      So the same thing happened on my 1990. I actually replaced it with a 1991 door handle, which you can get off rock auto for about $10. The only difference is that the 91 door handle does not have The bracket for the little switch that is on the 89 and 90 models.  Right now I just left the switch hanging out in the door, but eventually I am going to find a way to mount the switch to the 91 handle. You could probably do it fairly easily, I just didn't have the time to mess with it at the time.
    • Philbo
      Ronnie, I love this site and really hope we can keep it going. I don't post super often, mostly because I have a young family and so time for hobbies is somewhat limited at times.  But I have learned so much from this site and the forum. I can't imagine not having it.   As for the cost, I am more than willing to contribute.  I have in the past, (actually I am probably due again). Out of curiosity how much does it cost to keep the site up and going? Either way I will definitely throw some in the hat in the very near future.   I would be very sad to see ROJ go. That is for sure.   Here's a pic of my reatta from a short roadtrip to brevard NC    
    • Bertimus
      Can't even begin to describe the amount of time I do reading and researching through your archives. To the folks like me this place is invaluable 🙏🏽🙏🏽
    • Bertimus
      So a over a month ago I was experiencing the fabled battery drainage that is commonly associated with Reattas. Many attribute the drainage to a variety of parasitic draw issues usually from something electrical because of the car's numerous futuristic features (for it's time)   My 88 had an aftermarket Interstate battery. For the most part Interstate batteries are considered very reliable batteries.    When I presented the drainage issue to my mechanic he suggested that all it needed was the EXACT battery that was designed for the car. I was skeptical. He contacted AC Delco and gave them my vin and ordered their suggestion.   It's been over a month (I wanted to wait to test it out) and so far it seems to have resolved my issue (knock on wood! 🌲). I really only drive the car once every one or two weeks, so it sits quite a bit. I'm relieved to report it's been starting like a charm. With the interstate battery I had to jump it at least once a week, before I decided to put it on a tender. I'll report back on here in a month or two with another update.   Just thought I'd share this learning experience and hopefully save a future newbie (like myself) a headache or two   The battery is an AC Delco Gold 78VGP / G011R (comes with 42 month warranty) and is pictured below (double click image to enable zoom):
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