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  2. A forum is a place where the members discuss topics of interest to them. A forum is is like a church in some ways. Without the people a church is just an empty building and a forum is just a static webpage with old news. It has become glaringly obvious that not many people are interested in discussing Buick Reattas on this forum, other forums or Facebook for that matter. I see several people coming here each day but they have nothing to say. Are they just wanting to read something? If so I could start a daily, weekly or monthly blog about Reattas but I doubt anyone would care abou
  3. Last week
  4. Some of you may remember me posting about this problem. I had the same thing happen on a hot day when I was going around a scenic, 11 mile, loop through the Smoky mountains National Park. I was in bumper to bumper traffic moving about 5 miles per hour with a lot of stopping and starting to look at wildlife requiring me to do a lot of brake pumping. When I was almost at the end of the loop the brake pedal started chattering like the ABS was engaging and then the power boost went out completely. Both brake warning lights came on. Luckily I was near a wide place in the road where I co
  5. I would tend to agree and besides if the relays are original they are a cheap part and easily swapped. You will need two. One for the ABS and one for the entire brake system.
  6. 1990 Reatta Coupe: My braking system fails when outside temperatures are around 90 -95 degrees, or when the engine compartment gets hot when idling. I've been told that the failure may be related to corroded relays or relay failure. I still have some braking with difficulty. ABS and brake lights come on when the system doesn't work. Comments?
  7. Probably true but it went to the right person 👍 He also replaced the left outside tie rod end last week but I figure that as normal maintenance.
  8. I'm starting to think I got rid of it at just the right time...
  9. Apparently the red car the grandson has is working well as I have heard of no ills in approx. two weeks. The black car of #1 son started giving a low brake pressure warning that was intermittent and then became permanent in just the last three days. Today we went over the system and installed my test gauge. We found the system pressure was operating in the 1000-1700psi range and the pump did not sound healthy. He reported the braking was adequate and not alarming except for the red light. 1700 psi is just a bit below the pressure needed to turn the low pressure light off. When he
  10. Today at Lakeview Overlook. Ocoee, TN
  11. Yes, please let me know how it responds. Being a much newer system it isn’t apples to apples but still interesting. Is the Regal supercharged? If so, is there any way to monitor manifold pressure, plus or minus? I do not know, but I suspect our old non electronic systems just read the vss for speed and add or release vacuum to the actuator.
  12. I'm starting the video where the Reatta review really begins. If you start the video from the beginning it has comments about the Pontiac Fiero and the Cadillac Allante too.
  13. Chrisssssssss

    Cruise control performance + boost?

    I thought that cruise relied on engine RPM's to monitor and maintain speeds, but not positive. I will try cruise in my 98 Regal GS and see how it handles resume and boost if you want...
  14. Dave McIntosh talks Buick Reatta design This is straight from the man that designed our cars!
  15. I don't read codes anymore. I just go under the hood with my ohms meter and read the two front plugs. The one that doesn't "read" is bad and gets replaced. Sometimes you don't even need the meter because a visual inspection of the lead will indicate which lead is bad. If the rubber has cracks or is partially missing that is usually the one that is bad. If it has those issues and they are not addressed then they will go bad. Back to reading the codes. With the ABS leads "Right" is "Left" and "Left" is "Right". For all other things GM sitting in the drivers seat left is left and right is r
  16. I got an error code B552. When I looked it up the comment was "Memory reset indicator". Any idea what that means?
  17. Earlier
  18. There were only two molding color options...same color as the car's exterior or black.
  19. DaRealTeufel

    Just purchased a 88 reatta randomly.

    Once I save some more money up ill probably get new wheels and rims next year but for now they're just painted black. The reatta symbol goes perfectly with the black. Also did some moldings come with the factory color? I was wondering why everyone else had a highlight color and mine didn't besides the chrome.
  20. DaRealTeufel

    Just purchased a 88 reatta randomly.

    Yeah it rained earlier and with the light right above it, It was Definitely a sight to see.
  21. Anyone interested? I'd like to avoid putting this on eBay; would rather get her to someone on the forum. Let me know if you have an offer.
  22. We searched hi and low for a Caddy with that color..."Obsession Red". I bought it used when it was two years old as a Hertz rental. We oscillate between Buicks and Caddys. I like the wheels on your Equinox.
  23. 2seater

    Just purchased a 88 reatta randomly.

    Yes, interesting rendering. I do not care for the original wheels myself but the black in your pic makes them almost modern? I prefer something a little less stark than black for the trim, maybe a charcoal or gray? In this case it is a highlight color, so something bold would work too. Already have body colored moldings
  24. This is the latest addition to my lineup of Boring vehicles. I was wanting a truck but this wasn't really the truck I wanted. It kind of fell in my lap with the sudden death of my cousin's husband. She just wanted rid of it and I got it for nearly nothing. After living with it for almost a year it's starting to grow on me although it's just a plain Jane truck. It's a 2001 and I can still work on a old truck like this. The Equinox is a different story. I can't hardly even see the motor in it. I wouldn't attempt to work on it. First vehicle I've owned that I've said that about. Time keeps on sli
  25. Ship, I just noticed the photo of your red Caddy. Beautiful car. That is one of my favorite colors. I wish my Equinox was that color. Black is nice but it's too hard to keep clean.
  26. Ronnie

    Just purchased a 88 reatta randomly.

    That is an interesting photo. I guess it has water beaded up all over it? I'm not a fan of the black thing. I know it's popular now. If you like it is what counts so if you like it go for it. I do like spoilers.
  27. DaRealTeufel

    Just purchased a 88 reatta randomly.

    I was leaving work the other night and couldn't resist snapping this photo. After I get my E041 code fixed I'd love to tint the taillights and front lights. Then paint the rest of the chrome black and possibly install a small spoiler painted red What do you guys think?
  28. DaRealTeufel

    Our Non Reatta Cars & Trucks

    Liking the Eldorado, very nice car. I'm hoping to get a winter beater suv or truck before winter. The 3 gentleman that owned the reatta before me stored it in the winter and it has never seen snow. Id like to keep it that way with no rust.
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