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  2. Hello fellow Reatta lovers! I am in need of a Transmission Shift Control Cable (lower). The original GM Part number was 1638814. Does any one have a spare they are willing to sell? Thank you!
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  4. I have been sampling the Facebook Reatta forums for the last week. Certainly geared more to social and story telling, but most information seems reasonable and accurate. Marck does a nice job overall. I am not used to the format or how Facebook style posting is arranged, which is my issue to deal with. This style forum seems more intuitive with things grouped by subject and threads rather than a timeline style. I am sure that is part of the filtering process that I am not familiar with. Interesting to see people directed here or AACA for details and tutorials on several subjects. Would be nice to have some reverse pollination going on.
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  6. So what is the price and are they running? That part [running] is a bit vague, because if they are not running then all 4 cars are... parts cars.
  7. I think replacing the sending unit would be a good idea. Be sure to get the correct one for your Reatta. The one in there now might not be the right one for your car.
  8. Thanks Ronnie. That spike is an all the time occurance, warming up in the driveway or driving down the road at any speed, and appears to be prior to the thermostat even opening (no running river apparent with the radiator cap off). The cooling fans come on at the same time as the spike. Like I said, temp goes from 42° to 110° displayed from ED04 diagnostic with nothing in between, even with no thermostat installed. Something is not right. I will try another sending unit now that I know where to look (thanks 2seater).
  9. Engine temperature sending unit is on the driver’s side end of intake manifold below the throttle body. The information from that single sender is used by the ECM to operate the cooling fans as well as the IPC display.
  10. Drove the Reatta to a cruise-in at the Shaws grocery store parking lot with fellow Mustang friends on Wednesday (7/8/20), about 30 miles round trip. Only two Buicks in sight besides mine...a '65 Grand Sport and a '71 Riviera boattail. All were adhering to social distancing and masks. Had planned to attend another on Thursday at the old Raynham MA Dog Track parking lot, but the heat index was up in the upper 90's, so I poo pooed that idea. Still driving around with a half tank left of last fall's gas (with Seafoam) with no problems...the Seafoam is actually helping improve my gas mileage slightly! All local MA car shows have been canceled to date. A few are still on the books for August and September but we'll see as these dates approach. RI and NH have allowed a few to happen, though.
  11. Welcome to the forum Jon! Actually 110c, (230f), is within the operating range for the 3800 engine. You can sometimes see that when sitting in traffic on a really hot day. Can you tell if both cooling fans on the radiator are turning on high to cool it back down? You shouldn't see that spike in temperature when driving down the road with plenty of air flowing through the radiator. If you do something is wrong.
  12. I am having some trouble pinpointing the problem with my temperature gauge. Tt shoots from about ¼ to almost all the way to hot. The actual temperature in diagnostic mode went from 42° to 110° mirroring what the gauge was indicating. I removed the thermostat and the results remained the same. I was told by the previous owner that the engine temp switch was replaced. I cannot locate this switch. The engine does not appear to be operating significantly hot. Any input is appreciated. Thanks. Jon
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  14. I am having to reduce my collection of vehicles. Just retired last year and it didn't take long before I figured out that there is no way to fix/restore my vehicles. I have decided to part with my Reattas. This site has really helped me learn about these cars so I appreciate all info provided by everyone. I currently have 4 cars: 2 1989, one with sunroof and 2 1990, one is a parts car. If anyone is interested let me know and I will give more info. 3 of these cars can be restored, one i used as a daily driver up until little over a year ago. All three were running when I bought them about 3 years ago.
  15. Welcome to the Forum! Looks like you have picked up a really nice Reatta.
  16. hello everyone. I've been wanting a new vehicle for a couple months now and while my 05 pontiac sunfire works just fine, I was ready for a upgrade. After a few weeks of looking mostly through Facebook marketplace with a $4000 budget and no further then 30 miles away, i came across a picture of a old-school green monitor while scrolling through cars and i was intrigued. Since the pictures refresh on the marketplace thats the picture that I noticed and probably the only reason i eneded up buying the car. So I click on it and scroll down first, quick glance i notice automatic and less then 80,000 miles and no rust, no winters. I scroll back up and notice $4,500 then swipe left and get the first looks at my future car. Now tbh the exterior was pretty weird at first and no back seats were a turn off but the interior was just gorgeous and the touchscreen monitor and tan leather everything. Then the cherry on top the extra +5 horsepower red. Then the best part I scroll down again and notice its 3 minutes away.... before that every car I've seen that I liked had to be 40 mins away or further. Everything was too good to be true. So I message and set up a date to check the car out. Two days later I get there and instantly fall in love. The guy selling is a bit older and 3rd owner only selling because his family made him. He was asking for $6500 but no ones buying cars right now so he's been setting the price back. After making sure everything worked fine and a little bit of negotiation, I come back a couple days later with $4,000 cash and leave with my new car. Here's some pictures and ill be back for cool updates.
  17. Looks like we post almost the same thing at the same time Dave. Great minds think alike!!
  18. Everything looks good. I like the wheels. For a few bucks you can get chrome lugnuts from Amazon that would look really good on those wheels. They would be like icing on the cake.
  19. Looks good, however you may want some chrome acorn nuts [available for cheap on ebay] as well as some Reatta center caps to not confuse someone looking at your car. I do like Pontiac wheels. I had thought about getting some in the past.
  20. Pads were getting thin so I looked at replacing them. My guess is that these are the original pads since the car only has 38K miles. Getting the caliper brackets off was no easy chore. Nothing local had inexpensive pads so I ended up ordering a 4 wheel rotor and pad kit from Amazon. Nothing wrong with the original rotors. It was just a few dollars more to replace all. Slotted rotors and semi-metallic pad for $100. Seemed like the thing to do. The brakes do seem to be a bit better, but could be just from the new pads. Nothing to write home about, but they are better. I also replaced my tires. I had some worn 235/55/17 Hankooks. The right front was scrubbing the fender well a little when turning full left. I went with a 225/50/17 and they fit perfect. Speedometer is accurate and the ride is great. The Uniroyals I put on have a softer sidewall than the Hankooks. All in all a productive two days work. For reference, the tires are mounted on Pontiac SSEi 17" rims.
  21. Used fuel pump sending unit. Bought from Jim Finn in anticipation my mechanic would need it when replacing my fuel pump. Didn't need so now for sale. Paid $135.00 including postage, will take best reasonable offer. lemke1044@aol.com
  22. Sometime when it rains it pours Dave. Glad to here got them both going again. Good luck selling the fuel pump. Feel free to start a separate topic for selling the pump. It might get more attention that way.
  23. Been an interesting couple of weeks with the Red and the 'vert. First the 'vert developing driveability issues that were due to a collapsed front driver's side brake line. The blockage was so great that it seemed that the car had bad fuel injectors. It would idle fine [in Park of course] but when driving there was just no go. Swapped out the rotors, pads and both front brake lines. The difference was immediate. Then the Red acted up. Two things at once. There is an ignition module on the column that my friend Kendall diagnosed and replaced for me. How/why I had a back up of that part I will never know. However we had another issue as well. I had little or no fuel pressure. The only way I could start the car was "whacking" the gas tank with a rubber mallet while someone was turning the key. Turned out that there was a loose connection on the fuel pump sending unit which I was able to repair. But as long as I was in there I did have the mechanic replace the fuel pump as well [and fuel pump filter]. So as I have purchased a used fuel pump from Jim Finn [a Reatta used parts seller] I have a good used fuel pump for sale. I paid $135.00 delivered for it and am willing to sell it for any reasonable offer. My e mail is; lemke1044@aol.com
  24. Good for him. Hope he finds the help he wants/needs.
  25. Thanks for the add!!! Taken a few weeks ago along A1A near Deerfield Beach, FL My 1900 Convertible with 27K miles.
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